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shopping There is a wide variety of items available for purchase in Cambodia. The country was once well-known for its superior silk weaving, metal work and woodcarving. Visitors can find silver items, jewelry, gems, colorful cloth for sarong and hats (variegated silks), wood carving, paper maché masks, stone copies of ancient Khmer art, brass and bronze figurines and oil paintings in the different markets and shops on main avenues. 

The traditional clothing for both men and women is the krama, a long, narrow checked silk or cotton cloth available in most markets and shops. Jewelry is generally not up to international standards for design and workmanship and buyers should use caution when purchasing gold and gems. The export of antiques is subject to approval of the Ministry of Culture. Bargaining is essential for all souvenir shopping, it travelers are to obtain reasonable prices. Reductions of up to 20 percent are possible. 

The renowned Central Market (New Market) is one of the largest and busiest markets in Phnom Penh, which is most popular for locals and foreigners and is designed by French architect. There are varieties of items on sales such as souvenir gifts, artifacts dated back to French Indochina era, jewelry, household appliances and nearly every thing you can think of.

The Toul Tom Pong Market (The Russian Market) is the city's best source with Items for sales including miniature Buddha, various ritual objects and old Indochinese coins. There are also quite a few gold smiths and silversmiths inside the market.

The Olympic market, owned by one of Cambodia's most powerful tycoon. A great deal of wholesaling is done at the Olympic Market, near the Olympic Stadium. The market was upgraded and reopened in 1994 as the first three-floor covered market in the Kingdom.

Coming to Siem Reap - you have multi- choices when shopping with souvenirs, silks, handicrafts, textiles and contemporary art with many of new shops, galleries and boutiques

Phsar Chas (the ‘Old Market’) is the largest traditional covered markets and offers souvenirs under one roof in town in Siem Reap. Individual little boutiques, art and photo galleries are scattered across the town, though there is a concentration of places in the Old Market area.

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