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Located 162km, north of Phnom Penh Capital on the way of RN6 to Siem Reap Angkor, Kompong Thom is one of the five provinces surrounding Tonle Sap Lake.



The site of Ku Hak Nor Kor has 40,000-square meter land area (200 Meters X 200 Meters) located at the area of Ku Hak Nor Kor pagoda, at Tro Dok village, Pong Ror commune, Ba Ray District in 96-kilometer distance from Phnom Penh capital, then turning left more two kilometers by a red-soil trail.

Ku Hak Nor Kor temple is similar to Tonle Ba Ti temple made of late-rite stone and built in 11th century during the reign of the king, Sorayak Varman I. Ku Hak Nor Kor temple has 45-meter length, 35-meter width surrounded by three -meter height fence made of late-rite stone and shared into three parts:

  • First Part: Has eight-meter height

  • Second Part: Has 12-meter height

  • Third Part: Has 15-meter height



It is the cultural and historical site located at Sam Bor village, Sam Bor commune, Pra Sat Sam Bor District in 37-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Kampong Thom by the National Road No.64, and is a former capital named Ey San Borak and religious center dedicated to Siva. Sam Bor Prey Kuk temple made of solid brick and some late-rite stone with sculpture decorated. The artistic fronton, Sar Sar Pich and doorframe are made of sandstone. Sam Bor Prey Kuk temple was built during the reign of the king; Ey San Varman I in 7th century the temple has been abandoned since 1971 and re-arranged in 1980. There are 140 temples have been found in the forest and other two temples have not yet been found. Pra Sat Sam Bor Prey Kuk shared into four big groups as follows:

Group of Northern temples: Called Pra Sat Sam Bor located at the middle and surrounded by varied small temples.

Group of Mid - temples: Called Pra Sat Tor; can be entered from the northern door because other three doors are just only the design, has no access. From four directions, there are four stairs each has two figures of lions called Te Vak Kak Tha. West of Pra Sat Tor, there are some more groups of small temples.

Group of Southern temples: Called Pra Sat Ba Yon, located at the middle and surrounded by many temples having two classes of ramparts. The inside rampart has lions of Ba Rak from the four directions. Pra Sat Ba Yon is the former capital.

Group of Pra sat Kruol Ro Meas: Located at North of Pra Sat Sam Bor Prey Kuk. There are small temples made of brick and a temple at the west is made of late-rite stone.

Marking border of the temples To protect the numerous temples, three areas have been marked as follows:

First Area: Surrounds the outside rampart or pond in 30-meter distance

Second Area: Surrounds the first area in 300-meter distance.

Third Area: Surrounds the second area in 1,500-meter distance.



It is the cultural and natural site and locates at Ko Koh Village, Ko Koh Commune, Son Tuk District in 17-kilometer distance from the provincial town by the National Road No. 6, then turning left in 3,000-meter distance by a trail or 2,570-meter distance via Tro Nup pagoda. Phnom Son Tuk, the mountain relating to four kinds of history: Krop Tuk, Choan Tuk, Dos Tuk and Leak Tuk. On the mountain, there is a pagoda named wat kiri Chom Chong Phnom Son Tuk having 18 monks, 16 nuns, two wise men and one head of the pagoda named Sok Nang who is the initiator in building the pagoda. Along either sides of the stair stretching up the mountain, there are big trees written names clearly. When climbing up the mountain of Son Tuk, tourists usually encounter four interesting places such as:

  • At 230th step of the stair, there are an access to the rock valley and a well.

  • At 455th step of the stair, there is a resting hall with Buddhist statue at the left.

  • At 620th step of the stair, there are big rocks and big trees projecting cool shadow.

  • At 694th step of the stair, there is a spot, at the right hand side, full of big rock, called Chan Re. On the rock, there is a slit having five-centimeter width, three-meter length and un-estimated depth.

We can go from Chan Re to a new building pagoda having 16-square meter area by the old stair or new stair. At North of the pagoda, there is a worshipping hall made of stone and has red-tile roof, ground spreaded by ceramic tile, wall decorated by the Khmer architectural style and 144-square meter area. Behind the pagoda there is a Chinese temple facing to the East and has five peaks where the biggest peak at the middle is keeping the statue of Preah Neang Kung Si Im. At the pagoda, there are 05 statues of Buddhist, who had achieved nirvana, and many other small statues in total of 99 statues. In front of the pagoda, we have seen many statues such as Preah Bat Choan Tuk, Dos Kro Mom of Mother Chan Re located at Chan Ruot and Ey Sey Ak Ki Net in red color who is worshipped and respected by our people. Phnom Son Tuk has 7,000-hectar areas for development.



It is the man-made resort located at Prey Priel village, Prey Priel commune, Kampong Svay District in 16-kilometer distance from the provincial town; the resort has large size, and been organized and arranged as the venue for running race, bicycle race and other entertaining games during the big events of the national festival. In addition, the Provincial

Tourist office has organized activities like boating, pedalo riding fishing and swimming at other side. Also, the office has organized resting collages where food and drink are available for sale for tourists. The resort of Prey Pros has beautiful view with blowing-cool wind from the river, which enchants tourists to visit and enjoy themselves there. The resort of Prey Pros covers a surface of 2,000,000-square Meters consisting of land and water surface. This figure is inclusive of 120,000-square meter landarea (30 Meters X 4,000 Meters).



Located at Pra Sat village Pra Sat commune, Son Tuk District in 135-kilometer distance from Phnom Penh or 31-kilometer distance from the provincial town, then turning right more 200 Meters, Wat Pra Sat has three accesses from the national Road No 3

  • First Access: Stretches from the National Road No 3 in 150-meter distance via Pra Sat village.

  • Second Access: Stretches from the National Road No 3 in 100-meter distance via Pra Sat village.

  • Third Access: Goes down from the National Road No 3 in 450-meter distance by the new-constructing National Road via Tro Pheung village.

The site of wat Pra Sat totally has seven temples, but now only one remains, the three are completely damaged. The Temple of wat Pra Sat has three-square meter size, was built in 7th century and made of brick. It has specific feature such as there are seven statues made of hard wood in 7th century remain inside the temple and there are many big trees projecting there cool shadow for tourists who visit there, especially during the festival days.



Called Wat EN TRY SA MAK VO RAK or wat Khet Kampong Thom located at Kdey village, Prey Ka Hu commune, Steung Sen District in one-kilometer distance from the provincial town or 167-kilometer distance from Phnom Penh by the National Road No 6.

Wat Kampong Thom is the religious site (Ancient Temple), which has 205-square kilometer area. Inside it, there are Buddhist statues such as Sorayak Chea Rup Put Pak Vo Tey and all kinds of Buddhist statues which have bodhi tree at the middle.

In addition, Wat Kampong Thom has large space with cool shadow which is convenient for local people to meet each other during the festival days.



Located at Kampong Chen village, Kampong Chen Tbong commune, Stung District in 217-kilometer from Phnom Penh or 51-kilometer distance from the provincial town by the national Road No 6, then turning left along the river of Stung in 1,000-meter distance.

Wat Kdey Deum is the historical site having ancient temple similar to Bon Tey Srey temple and escorted by two ponds in front. It has beautiful large space, which is the enchanting place for our people to visit.



Located at Pra Sat Village, San Kor Commune, Kampong Svay District in 193-kilometer distance from Phnom Penh or 27-kilometer distance from the provincial town, then turning left at the point 30 September by a trail in 1,750-meter distance from the National Road No 6.

Wat Pra Sat An Det is the ancient pagoda. Behind Preah vihea, there is a temple made of brick in 6th and 7th centuries during the reign of Ey Sar Varman I. In addition, the pagoda has a beautiful large space, high-big trees of Kor Ki and fresh air. The pagoda never floods, though there are severe floods.



Prsat preah theat
Classification: Historical Sites and Buildings
Location: Road No. 6, Rorkar Village, Sroyov Commune, Steung Sen District
Accessibility: 14 km (30mn) From Provincial Town


Boeung Per
Classification: Nature Wildlife and Preserves
Location: Road No.64, BoeungPer Village, Sala Prey Thomisai Commune, Prasat Balang
Accessibility: 31 km (1h) From Provincial Town


Boeung tonle chhmar
Classification: Nature Wildlife and Preserves
Location: Road No. 6, Pov Veuy Village, Peam Barng Commune, Stong District
Accessibility: 85 km (8h) From Provincial Town


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