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Single Visa To Be Tested In Thailand And Cambodia

A single visa for Thailand and Cambodia will be the test phase of a wider project that will offer a single visa for five of the ASEAN nations located in the lower Mekong River basin.

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According to a report of the First Meeting of CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) Tourism Ministers, 14 September, on the sidelines of the 8th International Travel Expo in Ho Chi Minh City, the bilateral agreement on a single visa between Thailand and Cambodia will be an initial step of the process to create a unified visa zone in Mekong Region.

Under the umbrella of ACMECS, the five countries — Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar have already agreed in principle on a single visa for international tourists travelling within the Mekong river sub-region. It was initiated in 2005, under the concept known as “Five Countries, One Destination”. Thailand and Cambodia were selected to test the system and give feedback to be the evaluation for widely use in other Mekong Region neighbors.


The single visa between Thailand and Cambodia was specifically identified as a pilot project before proceeding to the next level. According to the plan, the visa obtained at either the embassy of Thailand or Cambodia (first port of call) has the validity for visits to both countries. The idea is to minimize the large number of visas currently required to a single permit that would allow travelers to tour the countries. This brings greater benefit for tourists who normally need to apply for visas at both embassies before starting their trip to Southeast Asia, yet they have to pay a fee that covers entry into both countries.


With the convenience of the single visa to be a one-stop shop that saves the Mekong Region traveler time and expense linked to visiting more than one embassy, visitors can expect a broader chance to have access to many best destinations in Asia without restriction from complex visa procedure. For further detail about free and easy access to Asia, please visit Threeland Travel and feel free to contact us.

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